Your Safety

Our taxi-cabs will all be camera-equipped

We take the safety of our passengers very seriously. Even one incident in the millions of taxi-cab rides each year is one too many as far as we're concerned. That's why the bulk of our taxi-cabs are camera-equipped with the remainder scheduled for this year. This added security provides more peace-of-mind both for our passengers and our drivers. It was totally our decision to do this. It was not mandated by the Region.

Our drivers must complete the "Providing Safe Space" Program

Through partnership with the Sexual Assault Support Centre of Waterloo Region, every taxi-cab driver must participate in the industry leading "Providing Safe Space" program and successfully pass in order to drive taxi-cab. To our knowledge, this is a first for cab companies in Canada and the Waterloo Region Taxi Alliance is thrilled to be implementing this new, vital program in the Region with all of its drivers.

Every taxi-cab driver is checked and approved

In addition to personal tests and interviews by our cab companies, every taxi-cab driver must have a thorough background check by the Waterloo Regional Police as well as be approved by an insurance company before the Region will approved their license to drive taxi-cab. There are a set of by-laws that all cab-drivers must adhere to and that the Region holds them to. The Region knows exactly who is driving taxi-cab in the Region, where they live, and how to contact them. Everything in the process is transparent.

Car safety checks overseen by the Region

Every taxi-cab in the Region must pass a complete safety check. This is monitored and noted by Regional authorities in cooperation with the taxi-cab companies. The few car models that are older than 10 years must be safety checked every 6 months. You can take comfort in knowing that these checks have absolutely taken place. Otherwise, that taxi-cab would not be on the road.

You KNOW the taxi-cab you're riding in is properly insured

The Region of Waterloo requires proof that a taxi-cab is insured for a minimum of $2.5 million dollars. In fact, every taxi-cab is insured for $8 million dollars each as determined by the Waterloo Region Taxi Alliance. You KNOW that when you ride in a taxi-cab in this Region that it's absolutely insured. Should an accident occur, you KNOW that there is coverage to help with medical expenses, possible ongoing treatments, and other costly expenses that you may not otherwise have the means to cover.