Above & Beyond

Keeping our senior citizens mobile

There comes a time when seniors have to give up their cars due to reduced sight, health issues, or physical disabilities. It's a major upheaval in their independence and for some, a tough transition in their lifestyle. Many turn to our taxis to get them where they need to go. These are rarely a simple ride from A to B and later, back again.

Those with walkers don't just jump into the back of the cab. Our drivers are there to carefully help them inside and then, load their "wheels" into the trunk. On arrival, they get their walkers in place, lock them down, and gently help them out. If they have purchases or groceries, our drivers make sure everything gets to the door of their apartment building or home. All this and more for a reduced fare and no extra charges.

Transporting our disabled, handicapped, and special needs adults and children

The taxi-cab companies in the Region of Waterloo work with government agencies, institutions, and organizations in the Region to transport the disabled, the handicapped, and special needs adults and children back and forth from one location to another.

To accommodate those children and adults with wheelchairs and motorized scooters, the Region requires that the tax-cab companies provide a total of 20 specially outfitted vehicles. The cost to modify these special tax-cabs is upwards of $40 thousand dollars per vehicle and is subsidized completely by the taxi-cab companies.

Every taxi-cab driver who transports disabled, handicapped, and special needs children and adults must be cleared through a rigorous, security check for the vulnerable sector which goes all the way up to CSIS (Canadian Security and Intelligence Service). In addition, they are specially trained to take care of these very special passengers and must have additional insurance coverage. They have to. After all, they are responsible for them from the time they pick them up to the time someone receives them at the other end. It's a lot of responsibility but one that our drivers are very proud to provide on a consistent basis throughout the year.

Children to school, appointments, and events

When parents are unable to drive their children, they turn to us. These parents use our taxis to safely transport their children to school, back and forth for appointments, to extracurricular activities, and more. We have been doing this for years and appreciate their trust in our dedication to the safe transportation of their children.